Thursday, 2 August 2007


Lofty! Thy steps on the threshold.
In mirth I find thee, desolate, I watch,
Thy footprints harsh, merging in.
Writhing in pain, eyes misty, myself.

Come, bury the pains, each tear shed,
Come, take me with thee, to thou abode...

the fire...

the fire spreads its wings
as if on a soar, so high
the breeze blew by, gentle
and the fire gave a swell
fumes evolved in wisps
hanging like an orb.
fierce drops of red hot fire
sputtered and splattered.
tossed into it, a paper white
saw the edges crinkling
devoured by molten heat
the white vanishing, a haze
red turning black; ashes
withering, kissing the flames
and the fire died down
an aftermath of doom,a silence
and a gentle breeze blew by
ashes seemed to rise again,
a new form,a new life,a new birth
soaring high, a rekindling of the fire,is it??

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