Saturday, 14 February 2009

Laughing Tendrils :)

I'd let my tresses down
On a will of its own,
Hoping, praying
It would fall, into a tendril
Framing the diamond of my face.
Just so that,
You would take notice
And your eyes would return
Over and over again
To capture
That wisp of hair
Falling free.

So then, I could catch you unaware,
Smile my all-knowing smile,
And maybe, flutter my eyelashes,
A bit.
And more than ever,
I'd let you see-
I've known, and I do know.

Yet, now, don't you think
It's time,
For voices to chime in?

Maybe, there is fear, there is hesitation.
Or maybe, you don't really wish to.
I don't want to question you
Or my faith.

So I'd gulp down the doubts
And look into your misty eye.
I'd find that tendril, loose
And gently, I'd tuck it away
Behind my earlobes, just so that
It'd kiss the nape of my neck,
Near that mole, your eyes often wander to.

And, I'd find your smile
Catch at my throat.
And you'd let me see-
You have always known, and you still do.
And it matters not, if it remains unsaid.
For it can never remain unseen.
You see it,
And so do I.

But, the tendril doesn't see it all, nay?
As our eyes acknowledge the unsaid,
It heels a dance on its own;
As though breathless
With our laughter.


  1. :)
    More of Ummmm....

    All at the behest of a tendril, tenderly!

  2. @ Usha mema
    hmmmm! yeah, cudn't help it :P wrote the cold one in blues..n got a call, n blue turned pinkkkkk! n wrote this!! hehe :P thank you:)

  3. Lovely, as ever... :)

    Hope u had a wonderful V-Day.


  4. @ Kartz
    thanks so much :) my day was pretty much de routine kind! missin de pea!! hehe :) hope u had a great day! :)

  5. what a beautiful way to write!!:)
    and missing the pea and yet the inspiration comes from there:D
    a beautiful valentine's if this was the result...
    god bless you and your loved ones..:)

  6. @indyeah
    thanks so much! :) glad to hv ya here!!

  7. Man this is so beautiful! Ah love! I wish I so wish I had something like this in my life..

    If i am tad envious forgive me!

    And your verses are as lovely as ever!

  8. @ winnie
    am glad u r envious..makes me feel all de more lucky n grateful :P thank you!! :)

  9. Beautiful...
    take care

  10. @MIP
    Glad to c ya here aftr so long!! :) thanks so much! :)




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