Tuesday, 12 January 2010


There, beyond the days of yore
Lies an urn, of plastered mud
I hold my hands away
Reaching down
To feel the heat.
Plunging into pain has never been hard
For,the crippling childhood scar
Shielding from any molten hurt-
They spread all over
Fuming acidulous blisters.

And then as the cyanotic blues
Strangle me to breathlessness
I peep into the urn,
And I see a reflection of hope-
And I gasp, and choke.
Tart odorous fumes annihilate
The venom of its own kind,
And I resurface,
Swallowing a mouthful
Of air.

Living is often a debt-
Either to life, or to death.

...smile :)

As though barefoot,
Tiptoeing in, with
A mystic silence, eerie;
Waiting to burst forth
Into a pink tickle,
A blossom
Of a blush.
Creeping in
Without no pretense
And no intricacy,
Easing away
All the worries
Until it broke away
Into a cherubic smile...
...sometimes, life is as simple as it could be!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

If Not For You...!

In The Music Of You,
I Paint A Dream.

As The Symphony Flows Over
Like a brook,
My brush throws in
A myriad of fresh colours.

And Out Of Nowhere,
The reds and blacks and whites
Melt into a silhouette
Of You.

As I Watch Your Eyes Draw In
The music of my brush -
I gasp.

In Your Eyes I Find My Dream,
Dipped in hues I'd never known to exist.
If not for you,
My heart sings out aloud.

If Not For You...!

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