Sunday, 10 January 2010

If Not For You...!

In The Music Of You,
I Paint A Dream.

As The Symphony Flows Over
Like a brook,
My brush throws in
A myriad of fresh colours.

And Out Of Nowhere,
The reds and blacks and whites
Melt into a silhouette
Of You.

As I Watch Your Eyes Draw In
The music of my brush -
I gasp.

In Your Eyes I Find My Dream,
Dipped in hues I'd never known to exist.
If not for you,
My heart sings out aloud.

If Not For You...!


  1. i like this.. like this very much...
    glad to see u back..

  2. wow sashu...u back...n how!

    In the music of you, i paint a dream....what lines yar! u simply rock...take a bow!

  3. Gorgeous! As always, words dance to the tune of your muse, and this time it is with a splash of colour as well!

    Lovely, and evocative, just poetry :)

  4. @ sandeep : thanks so much! :)

    @ aayu : thank youuu!

    @ usha ma'm : thanks a lot :)




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