Sunday, 19 October 2008

Full Circle

There's so much I would want to hide,
And so little I would want to share.
Yet, in the dearth of these words,
I wish you would read the unspoken,
And trace it back to me,
And we'd make a full circle.

And even then,
As the morning sun peeks in,
The secrets of the night would be
Long forgotten.
And like the shade of the old banyan,
You'd preserve my fallen secrets

Faith always does a full circle.


  1. Hmm... a quieter, more philosophical one somehow from you this time.

    Of course, your signature flavour is there, in the way love weaves its magic through the verse!!

  2. i loveeeeeed this :)

    beautiful poem :)

  3. @ usha mema
    yea, a li'll philo' i guez! thanks for doz lovely words!!

    thanks so much! glad u liked it :)




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