Saturday, 25 October 2008


Sometimes I give more than I ought to.
And at times like this,
I feel that pang
Of bitter disappointment.

And I wish I'd never have given out
So much, a wholesome part of myself.
No, you don't toss me out,
Or make me feel ill at ease.
You inspire, and you effuse in me, a love
Yet, in the subtlest of moves,
I realize, at some point-
Your world revolves,
Not around me.
And no matter the care, and the love
I'd always remain a surrogate.

And when your eyes colour fresh dreams
I always remain in the backdrop
Washed over by the shower,
Adorning a shade of dilute gray.
The ache never does dissolve,
Even as the rains lather at me
And I get drenched
In the whirlwind of impotent desires.

And once,
When that dies down,
Hiding in the realm of sheer love,
I give out
Every inch of me.
I just can't give enough of me
For, there's only one you,
And I can find no subrogate.


  1. Exactly! Sometimes it's like this... !!
    You've put into words the intangibility and made it so simple really, to understand.. Sometimes, no matter how much is into a relationship, one is not accomodated as one desires to be! But then the love envelopes and life is bright, and then again.. who else is there, so loved and beloved!

    I really loved this one!

  2. @ usha mema
    thanks so much!!!! glad u liked it:)




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