Thursday, 19 February 2009

Neither here, nor there.

I don't ask you to find me the topaz
Of the oceans worth
Or to bring me the scent
Of my today.
I ask not for the emerald
Of the sailor's trove
Or treasure, buried.
Nor do I ask for the lantern
Of the deck
That shines on,
Brighter than my eyes.
I ask you to come over
And kiss me with the touch
Of love,
And to take me with you
Where ever the winds and waves
Take you.
Don't just leave me
Neither here, nor there.


  1. Wonderful! *sigh* Pure magic! :) The winds and the waves tell me it's dedicated to Mr.Pea. :)

  2. *sigh!*

    Whats with blogger.. seems like wherever i go.. it gives me probs with post being blank or the comment not being published!

  3. @ Tara
    Thank you a good great deal, for ur words!! :)

    @ Meena
    Ohhh! some error maybe? happens wi me too at times! :) thanks n am glad ur comment got thru to be here!! :)

  4. So much of love embedded..Loved the finishing lines..

  5. Just made me so incapacitated. Beyond words! You can touch with poignancy!

    Reminded me of one of my writes(Was thinking of something on these lines while I worte, but this has the beauty of fresh air and the perfume of today :P)-

    He stood gaping at his shadow,
    In weird thoughts and distant memories,
    By cold snaps piercing the quietness,
    Besides himself, he wailed her name,
    Brusquely it came and stumbled he, in tame.

    When tormenting thoughts encircled,
    Swayed he in dreams, disturbed.
    All he conjured,
    The dimpled beam on the face,
    And the little curl besides the ear

    The casting lamp forlorn,
    He walked loud with anklets worn.
    Reaching her breath on his skin,
    And her impelling hair on his fingers, akin.
    Peered he with eyes wide shut.

    He traced her smile from faking memory,
    Feeling through the soft length of her body.
    He waits the evening of split wine.
    Imprinting illusions of reality.
    The lovers dream they had seen!

  6. And kiss me with the touch
    Of love,
    And to take me with you

    Romantic, romantic, romantic... Aaahhh... :)

    Lovely composition buddy...


  7. @ prabhu :)
    ur write is juz ethereal!! tender n sensually romantic...loved it so!! n thanks a bunch for sharin it!

    thank you so much!! :)




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