Wednesday, 11 February 2009

My Mistletoe Moment :)

Its not everyday you see the sun rise,
So let today be one of a kind.
Together, we can wait up
To watch the sun peep out at us
And today, we can boo him away
For being late.

Grumpy, the soap operas make me.
Especially those love baked scenes
That melt and swoon,
And always, when I stay back alone,
And off you go, working.
(Just like that one-
Of sunrise and him and her.)

Together. Together. Together.

It rings like a bell,
That none but me can hear.
It is not like there is no together
Anymore, for me.
There would be more, nay?

It is once again, that season
Of pink hearts, and teddy bears.
The season when love blooms in the air
And everyone heel a dance.
The world drapes in reds and whites
And cakes and chocolates,
Satiates, one and all.
All the laughter spread, far and wide,
To reach me,
And get lodged, in my throat-
A memory.

Once again, I sit back with our journal
Shuffling through those memories.
It seems like forever.

"Oh! Not again!" a groan, I heard.

I turned around, to find him at the door,
Tired, and messy-
"A hard day at work, honey?"
I asked, amidst smiles.
"Hmmm...Not as bad as yours, I see."
He teased.

"Ohhh that..."I quipped, pointing to the album,
"Oh, I missed you so much,
It did feel like ages."

He smiled, all-knowing-all-bearing
As held me close, and we shared
An eternity of togetherness,
Wrapped in that Mistletoe Moment.

"Ah! Who needs a Mistletoe to kiss?

P.S # Mush n Goo... :D Enjoy Valentine's!!! A Kiss from me to all :P


  1. Mmmmmm :D

    Happy Valentines, to the newly PKC'd.. :) :)

    Just adored this one.. :)
    Eap him saying that his day hadnt been as bad.. :) :)

  2. Mushy at its best! Wish one day I can write mushy stuff, but doesn't quite come naturally to me. Guess you need to have some inspiration, someone to dedicate the poem to...hehe! :D

  3. *ahem* *ahem*

    Someone's waiting eagerly for V-Day? ;)

    Lovely verses there. V-Day greetings...


  4. @usha mema
    hehe! me on cloud no-9!! thank you :)

    hehe..i guess u do need some inspiration :P thanks for droppin by!

    no no real, i aint fond f any such days- mother's day, father's day,v-day, friendship day blah blah! n never do celebrate any! but yea, itz all lovey dovey all over..cudnt resist!! hehehe :) thank you!!

  5. Awesomely cuteee :)
    and u knw it touches too :)

    Love :)

  6. @shal

    thanks so much! love ya :)

  7. Its too too mushy...
    Beautiful write..Its pink pinked on the pinkest!!
    Happy V day!- Have a blast!
    God Bless!

  8. @Bharath

    yea it is indeed mushy mushy..hehe!! Happy V-day to u too!! God bless you n your's!! :)




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