Saturday, 27 March 2010

Ugly Nudity

How deep is that
Plastic smile
Of yours, I wonder.
Wouldn't it peel,
Right off your face,
And then, dribble
Unto nowhere,
Leaving you nude-
Every crinkle on your face
mirroring the hatred,
The spite,
That you nurture in your soul-
And in that ugly nudity,
Wouldn't your reflection
Scare yourself?
And then,
Where would you be?

Sunday, 14 March 2010

An Ode To A Friend

I could not but be. I know.

I may not awaken to
Each dawn
With your memory-
Yet, not a day
Passes by,
When, forgotten,
You are.

I know, I could not but be.

In every joy, I may not
Wish to call out to you.
But in every tear,
I miss you.
Devoid of your smile,
Your words,
I feel hollow.

I could not but be. I know.

I may not think of you
In a crowd.
But in the solitude of me,
I find that space
Where only you,
And you could be.

I know. I could not but be.

In the selfishness
Of a moment,
I let go, of you,
And our yesterdays-
To clutch onto
The tomorrows,
I dreamt of.

I could not but be. I know.

This stranger, I am
Today, has lost a friend.
But the friend
That you have always been
Would forever be.
Sorry, I could not be more-
Sorry, I could not but be.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Rhapsodical, this music
Of delving headlong
Into the hidden depths
Of you, and me-
Living through this state
Of entangled desires
Laced with molten dreams


The ripples grow, seamless,
Dissolving us,
Into a million-pixel portrait.
And the music ebbs away
Pulled under-
As though choking,
Into a breathless rapture.

And as we resurface once again,
Into the placid countenance
Of ourselves-
There seems no haste to chase
The glitter, or swoon to the melody.
Instead, we turn onto our own
Dipping away
Into the comfort of the self.

Yet, in all languor,
This lazy love sustains itself.
And there is nothing
I wish for-
Than, this complacency,
Of knowing-
This is forever to last.

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