Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Counting blessings!

Splotches of dirt,
Neat crisp shirt,
Crumpled to ruins.
Shreds of fabric,

The black shoes,
Turned all brown;
Socks with holes,
Toes protruding,

Disheveled hair,
Streaks of mud,
Hardened grime,
Sticking allover,

Spots of blood,
Splattered all over,
Blackened eyes,
And bruised arms,

Exasperated, I stand,
Cursing the heavens.
Holding him close,
Anger and despair,
Welling in.

"Why, oh why, do you,
Create such troubles,
For you and me?"
I ask loud, outright,

And he grins, sprightly,
The little face, blushing red.
In all innocence, he pouts,
"Oh, mom! the game was neat,
I smashed a goal!"

And I can't help, but laugh,
At the cherubic smile,
Animatedly he goes on,
Chattering of what-not!
And I smile.

And, I smile,
Counting my blessings,
A one and two, and three, and ....!

Monday, 28 January 2008

My doppelganger

Lady, I wonder out aloud,

What is it in me,
That ain't in thou?
Contempt breeding,
Vanity, a fake attire,
You don.

Cross dressed emotions,
You lather up,
In all merry foams.

Bitter, each word you utter,
Yet well cloaked,
In layers of chicanery.

Grievous sins, on my proof sheet,
Red inks, of each tort-
I stare on, at you.
Lady, why don't thou leave?
Leave me alone,
And, let me be.

Faux pas, a bit too many,
Letting you thrive,
I count my err, to no consolation.

Reigning in me, all along,
Bad blood, of living ,
And, paying the pittance now.

Lady, why don't thou leave?
Glide away, from me,
Into thy new prey.
Let me break free, from you,
Cutting through my veins,
Let the blood spill.

Trusting, alter ego of mine, to be shed off,
I look in close, at my reflection, stark-
Twisted smile, excruciating, she flashes.

Lady, thou still dwell in me, oh , why?
When all I long is to be me, oh, me!

Shhh, just listen...

Shhh, just listen:

Ask me tonight,
What you long to hear of.
Tell me tonight,
What you wish to ease off.

A journey undertaken,
In all its purity.

I wish to be a part-
Of all your dreams,
Every single thought,
The faded memories,
Ever gnawing hurts,
Hidden passions,
Gory secrets,
In you,
Of you.

Ask me not, why I do love,
For, the day I find the very answer,
My love would cease to exist.

Permeating into the vast expanse,
Volatile dreams and effervescent love,
I hold on, fearing to let go.

Tonight, just let me in,
To open the gashes,
Embalm the love.

Just be there, with me,
And I promise you the world.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Tickled In Love :)

"No, no "
I quip,
In sheer mirth, flowing.
Racing around,
Early morn blues forgotten,
Silly fights, for nothing,
I find you, grinning,
Eyes twinkling in delight.

"Don't you dare give me,
That look of yours- ever so innocent!"

I pout, ever so stern.
"Oh yeah?"
challenge brimming,
Your lips curve into a smile,
A half smile, crooked,
And I force away my smile!

Tit for tat, I retort,
Making faces, I run.
Oddly strange, our ways really are.
Childlike joys, we often share.
"Lemme see how far you'd go,
Wait till I get my hands over you"

You tell me, in menacing tones!

Laughing hard, I try to ease my way,
Away from your hold,
And then, you grin, at me,
Sheepish a smile, ever so coy.
Exasperated, I sigh!
"Never give me that look"
I warn,
Yet you smile, your I-give-up smile.

And I sit back,
Catching my breath.
Flashing my I-won-this-one grin.
And then, off the sudden,
You catch hold of me, tickling me,
Leaving me beaten, disheveled,
And I can't help, but revel, in your love!

I sit cozy, in the comfort of your arms,
Smiling hard, beaming beet red,
Breathless, with your laughter,
Tickled pink, with your love,
Blessed, with you,
Of you.

"No, no! Blessed is our love, and us!"
You whisper into my ears,
And I lie back,
In love!

Friday, 25 January 2008

You leave me breathless...

Rushing adrenaline,
I felt it pump,
Running through my veins,
Hasty outpourings.
And warmth just pools in.

Your tender gaze,
The touch of your smile,
Melting me,
And I heave a sigh,
Trying to reach up to you.

The smile lingers on,
For a while.
And the longing seems a kill,

Passion brimming,
The wait endurable, yet aching.

The gentle brush of hands,
Shivers down my spine,
The warmth ebbing,

Into me.
I wait, breathless, in awe.

Your fingers dance,

Over my skin,

Supple flesh yielding,

And the mystic eyes shine,
Pouring into me.

Time seems standstill,
I realize, our flesh never met,

And the dreamy passion, never spent.
Yet the feel remains live,
Unbroken whim of ecstasy, it plays on.

And your smile invades my senses,

As you leave me breathless,

Every single time.

Thursday, 17 January 2008


Crawling beneath the skin,
Lurking beyond the depths,
Living on.
A silent kill,
When expressions fake itself,
Words hurl at itself,
When neither you nor me,
Stay sane, untainted,
Its then, that we are devoured,
By the worms,
Worms of ingenuity, so stale.

Monday, 14 January 2008


The thick smoke,
Lined her eyes,
Doe eyed beauty-
They glittered in the twilight.

As the moon peeped in,
Basking her in the moon light,
She looked up,
Smoky eyes turning silvery,
Brightest stars,
They did shy away.

Sitting across the lake,
Her feet toying around,
In the placid lake,
Ripples, breaking her image stark.

The night sky alluring,
The gentle murmurs,
From across the forests deep,
Nocturnal life, awake.
Admiring the picture-
The twilight beauty, ethereal.

Dark forest lush- nature's frame,
The subtle elegant reflection,
Basking in the twilight- she.

Ah! Framed,
In my eyes,

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Scorching Winter Flames

The scorching heat,
Blistering my skin.
The fumes alive,
Kicking dust at me.

The tongues of fire,
Licking up at me.

I sit back, in shambles,
Well shielded from the cold-
The scorching winter flames.

And I feel the heat waves,
Torrid, aimed at me,
Striking, on cue,
Broiling lava ebbing.
And the layers of myself,
Melt away.

And I sit back, in shambles.
Well shielded from the cold-
The scorching winter flames.

Watching you, stare at me,
Well cloaked,
This winter morn,
I find the cold aloof glares,
Outpour, from you.
And I find myself burn,
In the sizzling fierce heat.

And I sit back, in shambles.
Well shielded from the cold-
The scorching winter flames.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Chosen One

I lay helpless, violated by tubings,
Limbs tied along the bedside post.
Drooping into lethargy, eyes closed,
Senses evading me, unaware ever.

Movements swift, they moved on,
Murmurs coherent, innovations stark.
Senses evading me, unaware ever,
Drooping into lethargy, eyes closed.

Turned on my back, scrubbed clean,
Swabs, incisions, swift fingers plying.
Drooping into lethargy, eyes closed,
Senses evading me, unaware ever.

The hands violating me, probing,
Gentle incisions, spinal cord cut.
Senses evading me, unaware ever,
Drooping into lethargy, eyes closed.

Suturing my bleeding back, he stood,
Terming myself the chosen one.
Drooping into lethargy, eyes closed,
Senses evading me, unaware ever.

I hear the jubilation rise around me,
A scapegoat- I, and your research-fruitful.
Senses evading me, unaware ever,
Drooping into lethargy, eyes closed.

A single bolt of pain, I jerk forth in pain,
Seizures capturing me, one last time.
Drooping into lethargy, eyes closed,
Senses evading me, unaware ever.

Neuro science, newer innovations, yours,
But the price, why, I do have to pay?
Senses evading me, unaware ever,
Drooping into lethargy, eyes closed.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Untitled :)

Trickling along,

Crimson beads shining,
Flowing along the length,
Warmth flooding,
Pain pooling.

The cool breeze,
It blew on, a puff,
And the little droplets froze,
Along the strands of time,
The pain, stoic, now.

The soul's wound still raw,
The physical gash running red,
As droplets of blood fell, tinkles heard,
And the tears that befell,
Echo on, unheard, still.

Pin Drop Silence...

The bustling market streets,
Where merchants yell,
Vendors sing out loud,
Calling on, loud and clear.
Prices rain, some high,
Some low, yet ever moving.

The many buyers, waiting on,
Sweating profuse, beads dropping,
Not from the scorching heat,
But the price they have to pay.
The bargains many, anticipations,
On deals pushed forth, accurate aims.

Amidst all the hustles,
I saw a figure, walk on,
Aimless stroll, wandering alone,
Bleeding sole, rugged hands,
Drugged, by the blistering heat,
Shooed away by all, he walked on.

His eyes seemed searching,
As if on a hunt, a quest, unknown,
He moved forth, beady eyes spying.
As the market spiced up, peak hours,
I saw him wait, endlessly,
And then, the night did set in, calm.

As the shutters dropped, the shops closed,
As silence hit the streets, he waited on,
And then, he screamed aloud, as if to the world,
In rags of despair, he strolled on, shrieking,
Rummaging waste bins, for traces of food,
And drinking in, the cruelty of the world, yet again.

And the world slept on, in the calm of the night,
Where beggars lose sanity, and the world loses humanity-

And a vacuous pin drop silence echoes on, and on...

Trespassers into my soul...

Uncalled upon, they barge in,
Gorgeous smiles,
Warmest of words,
Easy companionship,
Ever charming demeanor.

And I feel, lucky I sure am,
To be blessed,
Ever so, forever so.

Then the waters turn turbulent,
Murky and shallow.

Smiles give way to frowns,
Words turn into constant demands,
Expectations beyond comprehension,
Leaving me battered, pulled apart,
And I sit back, heaving a sigh.

As I try hard to shrug it off,
You amuse me, with complaints of mine,
Being distant, everything seems vague.

Maybe, I need to look into myself,
A quick peek, do I reciprocate the same?

On a sabbatical, I long to be,
And as I manage to decipher a way,
To let you know, I need to be away,
You look at me, panic stricken,
Shrieking, incoherent ramblings.

I feel betrayed, by the very faces,
When all they do, is receive and demand,
leaving me used, utilized.

I wish I could say it loud and clear,
Trespassers into my soul, please do stay away.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Supper Plate...

Supper on the plate,
Mouth watering,
I waited.

The first ever time,
I felt glad,
My eyes twinkled,
Even in its dead.
Anticipation, fruitful.

The bowl of common rice,
With some curry plain,
Accompaniments few,
No desserts, to add topping,
To life's dull parade.

Yet, I sat down,
Waiting, waiting.
And then finally,
My face did light up-

The man had left, paying for his meal,
And my eyes could only see- leftovers, calling me over.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Just to meet again...

I did miss you, terribly so,

Even when you stood near me,
Long before our hourglass fell empty,
And as ever, when our gazes strayed,
In sheer depth of a sadness, unfathomable.

As I held you in my eyes,
The very final image,
Before your silhouette faded away,
I felt you tremble, slight,
In my gaze...

The longing and the pain,
The picture of you,
Silent, speechless,
Hunting for words,
To bid adieu-
I held it, in my eyes.

Afraid to let you out of sight,
I tried hard, not to blink,
Not a drop of tear, fell.
I walked away,
Not turning back...

Your picture set, in my eyes,
Vision clear, spotless images stark.
And I walked on, my lonely stroll,
Once again, the inevitable- parting ways,
Just to meet again.

To meet again, in all love,
To miss the oneness, ours,
To redeem our faith, our love,
To reawaken ourselves in each other.
Parting ways, to prove us true-

Our paths may differ,
But we culminate,
In each other,

Friday, 4 January 2008

The She In Me...

Sometimes its easy, to pretend,
To be- that she or he.
Amidst a crowd of unknown faces,
Behind a mask, so well fitted,
I turn to be she, in all charms.

Her smile could feel special, to the oblivious,
Her laughter enigmatic, amidst suppressed tears.
Full of zeal, she can make heads turn, ever so,
And warm the many souls- all it takes is a mask.
The gentle ease, in her demeanor, sheer projections,
It could win a lot of hearts, in every possible note.
Some things in life are worthy, of all the acts,
And some are like black gold, dug from the very deep,
Waiting to be polished, hidden glory unearthed,
Hoping for the embers to glow, astral.

Sometimes its easy, to say,
I don't give a toss.
When all you know is, you care a deal,
And a big deal, at it,
No matter how much you try otherwise.

Her aloofness could be self restraint, so hard,
Has it ever occurred to you, I wonder? Possibly not.
The many emotions, hidden beneath her flimsy veil,
Eyes awake, in dead fear,of her pretenses pried open.
It gets so easy to smile, and laugh, fake displays,
And then someday, it sinks in, a feeling of detachment.
A million questions of one's own existence,
And its then, you question your own integrity.
She could find herself, a masquerade, even to herself,
A stranger in the mirror, and then, she ceases to exist.

Sometimes its easy, to let go,
To leave things the way they are.
Being non judgmental about your true self,
And living it off, dropping the masks,
Maybe then, you'd find, the mirror shatter, right before you!

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