Monday, 28 January 2008

Shhh, just listen...

Shhh, just listen:

Ask me tonight,
What you long to hear of.
Tell me tonight,
What you wish to ease off.

A journey undertaken,
In all its purity.

I wish to be a part-
Of all your dreams,
Every single thought,
The faded memories,
Ever gnawing hurts,
Hidden passions,
Gory secrets,
In you,
Of you.

Ask me not, why I do love,
For, the day I find the very answer,
My love would cease to exist.

Permeating into the vast expanse,
Volatile dreams and effervescent love,
I hold on, fearing to let go.

Tonight, just let me in,
To open the gashes,
Embalm the love.

Just be there, with me,
And I promise you the world.

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