Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Trespassers into my soul...

Uncalled upon, they barge in,
Gorgeous smiles,
Warmest of words,
Easy companionship,
Ever charming demeanor.

And I feel, lucky I sure am,
To be blessed,
Ever so, forever so.

Then the waters turn turbulent,
Murky and shallow.

Smiles give way to frowns,
Words turn into constant demands,
Expectations beyond comprehension,
Leaving me battered, pulled apart,
And I sit back, heaving a sigh.

As I try hard to shrug it off,
You amuse me, with complaints of mine,
Being distant, everything seems vague.

Maybe, I need to look into myself,
A quick peek, do I reciprocate the same?

On a sabbatical, I long to be,
And as I manage to decipher a way,
To let you know, I need to be away,
You look at me, panic stricken,
Shrieking, incoherent ramblings.

I feel betrayed, by the very faces,
When all they do, is receive and demand,
leaving me used, utilized.

I wish I could say it loud and clear,
Trespassers into my soul, please do stay away.

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