Friday, 25 January 2008

You leave me breathless...

Rushing adrenaline,
I felt it pump,
Running through my veins,
Hasty outpourings.
And warmth just pools in.

Your tender gaze,
The touch of your smile,
Melting me,
And I heave a sigh,
Trying to reach up to you.

The smile lingers on,
For a while.
And the longing seems a kill,

Passion brimming,
The wait endurable, yet aching.

The gentle brush of hands,
Shivers down my spine,
The warmth ebbing,

Into me.
I wait, breathless, in awe.

Your fingers dance,

Over my skin,

Supple flesh yielding,

And the mystic eyes shine,
Pouring into me.

Time seems standstill,
I realize, our flesh never met,

And the dreamy passion, never spent.
Yet the feel remains live,
Unbroken whim of ecstasy, it plays on.

And your smile invades my senses,

As you leave me breathless,

Every single time.

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