Friday, 4 January 2008

The She In Me...

Sometimes its easy, to pretend,
To be- that she or he.
Amidst a crowd of unknown faces,
Behind a mask, so well fitted,
I turn to be she, in all charms.

Her smile could feel special, to the oblivious,
Her laughter enigmatic, amidst suppressed tears.
Full of zeal, she can make heads turn, ever so,
And warm the many souls- all it takes is a mask.
The gentle ease, in her demeanor, sheer projections,
It could win a lot of hearts, in every possible note.
Some things in life are worthy, of all the acts,
And some are like black gold, dug from the very deep,
Waiting to be polished, hidden glory unearthed,
Hoping for the embers to glow, astral.

Sometimes its easy, to say,
I don't give a toss.
When all you know is, you care a deal,
And a big deal, at it,
No matter how much you try otherwise.

Her aloofness could be self restraint, so hard,
Has it ever occurred to you, I wonder? Possibly not.
The many emotions, hidden beneath her flimsy veil,
Eyes awake, in dead fear,of her pretenses pried open.
It gets so easy to smile, and laugh, fake displays,
And then someday, it sinks in, a feeling of detachment.
A million questions of one's own existence,
And its then, you question your own integrity.
She could find herself, a masquerade, even to herself,
A stranger in the mirror, and then, she ceases to exist.

Sometimes its easy, to let go,
To leave things the way they are.
Being non judgmental about your true self,
And living it off, dropping the masks,
Maybe then, you'd find, the mirror shatter, right before you!

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  1. This one, I really love!!
    Especially the closing stanza...:)




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