Monday, 31 December 2007

Beloved memories...

I feel myself shrink,
Shrink away, into oblivion.
Guilt pangs striking at me,
Lapping me up, in its whirl.

Years ago, I had cried,
My soul out, in despair,
At losing you, my love,
To death, to eternal flames.

I had felt so deep,
The pain, ever gnawing at me,
Gashes deep, in my heart,
Raw, even ages after.

I had never known,
That a day would come,
When your existence,
Would seem translucent.

A faded silhouette,yours,
I could never fathom to be.
But tonight as I ponder on,
I find yourself so far, faraway.

The day you left me, forever,
I had believed, I'd never ever forget,
The very day, ever in my life,
A dark day, heart wrenching.

And yet, as I woke up today morn,
I smiled ,and I felt fresh as ever,
Oblivious to the date, the one day,
I'd vouched to never forget.

But alas! I did forget,
Faded away into the flimsy layers,
Of life's many terrains,
You have wandered away, so far away.

And all I feel is despair,
A vacuum, self hatred and pain,
Of having forgotten,
Having let you, dim away.

But as I sit down, savoring memoirs,
Of what seems eons ago,
I find the very same feeling,
Of love, of care, of belonging.

And I realize, despite the faded aura,
And all the worldly influences,
Despite the circle around me today,
You still, live on, in me.

Dormant love, I realize,
As I hold back onto the memories,
And I am glad, today, i feel you, in all love,
Not as painful reveries, but as beloved memories...


  1. Sashu..awesome ...what to say ,you have brought the true emotions so naturally and with such rocked alwayz!

  2. "translucent existence, dormant love.. not as painful reveries, but as beloved memories..."
    magical.. U did it again.thanks..




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