Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A Heart's Fate!

Tossed out,
Into the open,

I'd stand, weary.

He'd hold me in his sleeves;
Throw me away,
A random toss.

Fed up,

Of being hurled,
I'd give myself,
A javelin lurch!

Sometimes, I'd get a raise,
Someone would come, whispering soft.
A note of love, a touch soft,
And I'd tremble, in ecstasy.
Smiling, I'd give myself to the touch,
Playing a melodious hymn,
Just for the stroke of love, blessed!

But alas, I'd find gentle pricks,
Spots of darkest red,
Dripping bruises, ink oozing.

He'd cry for me,
And I'd feel, i can live the pain,

And try again, to be on my own.
Together, he and me,

We'd move on,
Broken, yet reviving ourselves.

And then,
Off the sudden,
Another brilliant stroke.

Again, leaping joy,
Mounting in me, afresh.

He'd toss me again,
And I'd sway along in glee,
Playing a different tune, a new symphony.

Wonder if it's just my fate,
Skipping and hopping,
Smiling and crying,

Whining and pining,

Singing and dancing,

Breaking and mending.


Give me a life!
O' fate, give me a life!


  1. Very Articulate as you always are, and so naturally do the words just flow out, thoughts merging with each other and inviting the reader to share the fate of the heart...:)

    You do have a life girl, Live it!!! And god bless...:))

  2. oh my.. brilliant! is ths fate or is ths wat we call life?




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