Thursday, 13 December 2007


Tip-toeing into me,
He came in,
A gentle subtle entry.

And, I held my breath,
Afraid to lose him,
If I sigh out.

Gentle, ever so gentle,
He put in an incision,
Fingers moving swift,
He cut me open,
And peered in,

I watched his eyes,
Open in awe,
Sheer surprise.

I felt my breath,
Catch at my throat,
As he gently moved in.

I felt a stab.
Off the sudden,
A haul at me,
Probing deep,
And I wished, he'd stop.

Everything felt like a haze,
Foggy, in my own eyes,
And I slipped away,
Giving up myself,
To him.

And now,
As I open my eyes,
After what seems like ages,
I can feel me,
Sutured up,
Scarred for life.

O' why did I never know,
You'd scar me,
With your love?

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