Sunday, 30 December 2007

Untying Entanglements

A cluster of feelings,
Rushes through me, now.
I wonder how does one,
Unhook old clasps,
Well fitting latches,
Pried open, off the sudden.

Call it untying of entanglements,
Yet really, is it what it seems?
Isn't there a hint of something more,
I wonder, loud outright?

Criss crosses of iron,
Did i ever tie all around you,
That u wish to let free,
Free of the straining chains,
Culmination of emotions,
Leading to sheer aloofness.

Be it breaking away of shackles,
Be it shedding off the undesired,
Whatever be it, however you do it,
Count me in. For, there is nothing I could do.

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