Thursday, 13 December 2007

Droplets Of Love...

Waiting for him,
I stood, a very long time.
No glimpse of him yet,
And I felt myself,
Fight back my tears.

The day seemed,
To have come to a still.
I turned back home,
Anguish welling in,
A hope thwarted early.

And then, I felt a chill,
Shivers down my spine,
A gentle touch,
On my supple skin, soft.
A kiss soft, yet wet.

I looked on, in glee,
My whole body melted,
In his touch.
Cooling me off my ardor,
Droplets of his love.

Drenched to the core,
Basking in his love,
Purified by his touch,
I stood, smiling.
The first monsoon shower had struck!!!!

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