Saturday, 29 December 2007

Forever mine...

You have struck a chord deep,
Untouched for ages across,
Bare, monotonous, calm,
Content in its solitude.

You came in closer, urging in,
And despite every fear,
I let you in, ever cautious.
And peep in, you did.

Curtains fell, a masquerade dropped,
And I stood before you, naked,
My soul bared open, pure,
And you cloaked me, with all love.

My vacuous self breathed anew,
A rhythm flowed into me,
And my heart leaped to beat,
To the music of your love.

Tonight, as yet another year slips away,
I wish we would remain so, forever,
But as I utter those very words,
I know, you are my forever!!!

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