Sunday, 16 December 2007

I'm Game...

"Hey, Skipper,
Ready for the toss? "

And the toss it is.
Heads or tails-
The call.

I answer,
Confidence oozing.

Hopping along, toss won,
My team, in full throttle.
All vigor and zeal,
My eleven had their deal.

Out to bat,
I sent my men,
Fire in their eyes,
Determination shining.

At the very first ball.
Shouts and hoots,
In the air.

Running between the wickets,
My opener had a fall,
A run out called,
Desperation blooming.

A pat on his shoulder,
And I adorned my role,
Off to the field to bat,
I had to lead the way, all through.

Playing safe, we went on,
At twenty seven,
He struck me out.
Frustration boiling,
I left the field.

All out for 67,
My team and me,
We sat, pondering.
Planning our tactics,
And all geared up,
We spread out,
The field was ours.

The match zoomed on,
Wickets at overs 4,6 and 10.
It gave us the lead,
And we followed the cruise,
Battered and beaten,
The rivals bowed down.

New champions, of the land,
We adorned our title in glee.
Holding the cup in hand,
I gave my golden speech.


All cheered in joy,
Along with my team,
I marched onto my house.

Eleven muddy faces,
Soiled clothes and greasy toes,
We stood grinning,
Waiting at the doors.

Opened the door,
My grandma stared at us in disgust,
Me and my gang of guys,
All aged at nine and ten.

"You are impossible,"
She heaves in despair,
And zoom, we run,
Into the house,
Muddy trails, following us galore!

Celebration time!!!!!

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