Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Early Morning Ramblings...

A collage of emotions,

How would that sound?
Early morn, just out of bed,
Strewing a dream together,
Parchments frayed in the slumber,
Threads missing, shady hues,
I try hard to collect them all,
And string them together,
A single frame, a single collage!

But I fail, miserably so,
To place myself in the maze,
Lost am I, in this haze?
Or is it, a simple race,
I wish to lose, all way through?
Morning ramblings, I try to tell myself,
Meaningless words, time wasted,
I walk off to make a mug of hot coffee.

Sipping the coffee, steam spreading warmth,
I sit down again, a second try,
To place myself, in my collage.
Yet, everything seems so clueless,
No connections, no sharp edges,
To join them up, no continuity,
And I sit and try, and try, again,
To finally dip away into a new dream,
A new fantasy, a new reality,
And try the same again, a new morn,
A new aim and some new ramblings to follow.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Virgin Earth

Dreamy clouds of a brilliant white,
Crowding in, ah! a delightful sight.
All above the lush earthen lands,
They line away, a blanket soft,
Tender touches, cooling warmth,
Smoothest cloaks, of love and care!

The earth stood in all her glory,
Beauty of a young bride in view,
She held her green drapes close,
Bejeweled in blossoms so colorful.
With nights basked in ebony black,
A virgin bride, blooming with life!

The many daybreaks she witnessed,
In the long run, a transition stark,
Virginity bequeathed, she languished
Pawed by cruel hands, wounds gawk
Ripping her off existence, losing it all,
Vanishing safety blanket - ozone lost!

Just a moment...

Aloof, alone, he comes,
Striking you hard,
A swift blow,
And, staggering, you fall.

His club, pounds,
Just too hard,
And, you hold back,
In sheer shock.

His firece ruthlessness,
It freezes the pain,
Spell bound, you stay,
Breathing heavy.

His savage attack goes on,
A moment stretching into eternity,
Leaving you hollow, beaten.
And, you remain in a mystic daze.

Then comes the aftermath,
A calm, deafening silence,
And you wake, unscathed, untouched,
Yet never the same, never ever the same.

And he walks on, smiling,
How a single moment can change your life!!!!!!!

You and me...

Last night I had a dream,
You and me,
Together, walking,
Hand in hand.

The emerald green of the oceans,
The blue carpet of the cloudy sky,
The coolest breeze of love,
Flowing through us.
Words were not spoken out loud,
Just silence spoke,
A million words.

You and me,
Eyes locked,
Hands entwined,
Dreams shared,
Promises lived,
We walked on, and on.

Our footprints, washed away,
Yet traces of ours, still fresh,
Lingering on,
In every droplet of the sea,
every fluffy little cloud,
Every puff of the gale,
Every ounce of life,
You and me...

And, I woke up, dreamy eyed,
To find you, right beside.
You and me...

Saturday, 10 November 2007

My Love :)

Love is,
when you look into my eyes deep,
And slip away into the depths.
when you hold my hands in yours,
And squeeze them ever so gentle.
when you kiss the tip of my nose,
And tell me I taste real good.
when you bite my nails for me,
And say you love me so very dear.
when you pinch me ever so slight,
And not let my attention waver away.
when you smile into me, eyes twinkling,
And say you could never be more happy.
when you wink at me, amidst the crowds,
And make my knees go wobbly weak.
when you protect my vulnerable self,
And say i could never be more pretty.
when your eyes go wet, in anguish,
And you try to smile, waving a bye.
when you think about, just me, all journey,
And long for being together, again.
when you are with me, in me, all over me,
And you wish never ever to leave :)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Love, scars!

Eyes that shine in loving radiance,
Souls that sing and merge in mirth,
The many smiles, shared along in glee,
An ocean of expanse, love lunges on,
Drowning you along, in its dance!

Eyes that fail to betray the contempt,
Helpless you, wondering why love fails,
Unrequited be it, or even broken, shattered,
It plays its music, ever lingering, in you,
Dragging you, smoky eyed, into its depth!

Smiling joyous love, shared pleasure,
Yet, it does scar your soul, a sweet scar, cherished!

Unrequited, or, even a long lost love,
It does scar your soul, a deep raw scar, etched!


Corner to corner,
My eyes searched,
For you.
Amidst the crowds,
I found faces many.
Some smiling,
Some mocking,
Some sad,
Some not bothered,
Faces unknown,
Expressions many,
But nowhere, I found you.
My mind started framing,
Reasons many,
Thoughts turned grave,
Terrorizing me,
I felt my chest laden,
In fright, anew.
Sweat broke out,
In beads,
Voice choking,
Tears threatening,
To befall,
I ran around,
Looking for you, all over.
Heartbeats raced on,
A frenzy.
I tried hard to look over,
For a glimpse, of you.
And then, off the distance,
I found you,
My heart gave a leap,
I paved my way to you,
Smiles intermingled,
With fresh tears.
And, I reached near you,
I held out my arms,
To touch you.
Alas! You vanished,
Into the thin smoke,
On a single touch of mine.
And I stood, paralysed in fear,
Gripped by guilt.
Oh, where did you go?
Ohh...Where did you go?
Ohhh... Where did you go?

Dinner Nightmare!

Nervous eyes,
Fluttering heart,
Bated breath,
I held on to my being.

Smiles plastered,
Conversation hard,
Interrogation stark,
I tried to live through.

Warmth lacking,
Affection strained,
Eyes scrutinizing,
I felt naked, stripped.

Food untouched,
Stolen glimpses,
For reaffirmation,
I looked at him, in faith.

Final verdict,
Sweat profuse,
anxiety of torture,
Finally,a nod, in consent.

I never did know,
Meeting his parents,
Would be this hard.
Phew! a nightmare, done with!!!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Kissing Till Dizzy ;)

I felt butterflies in my tummy,
As I held my gaze, straight,
Piercing into his, melting.
A naughty smile played on,
At the corner of his lips, soft.
I felt my self blush, beet red,
In anticipation, or is it desire?

I felt my eyes, shy away,
Refusing to lock glances again,
And words fumbled out of me,
A vehement try to shift the scenario.
His coal black eyes winked at me,
And I felt myself smile back, so coy,
Sharing the twinkling smile of my eyes.

I never noticed, us being so close,
His breath grazed at my soft skin,
And I felt his musk, my heads spinning.
My eyes dipped into his loving eyes,
And I felt myself lost, hypnotised, sinking.
Love, radiating from his eyes, seeped into me,
Gyrating in mine, whirlpools of desire.

Ever so gentle, his lips touched mine,
Petal soft, the tender touch, the loving feel.
Gentling pulling at my lips, tugging on,
I felt his breath warming my soul, deep,
And I felt my knees go wobbly, magnetised,
Boring into his eyes, I felt myself slip away,
And I felt dizzy, so dizzy, falling in deep, into oblivion.

My hapless love...

I stood, hapless,
The morning rays stinging my eyes.
Tear drops falling,
Trailing down,
And you smiled away in such ease.
Never did you know,
Nor will you know,
I bleed, profuse,
From my soul many layered in hurt.
And with each peel,
Of the sweet ache,
Tears run down, my tears of love.
Watching you,
Smiling at me special,
I realize i can live through this pain.
For you, with you,
I can cross the deserts,
And fight the storms,
My hapless hopes,
My helpless love...

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Is The Moon Shy?

The night queen, the moon so bright,
She looked, so very white, radiant.
Shining like the many ocean pearls,
An astral glow, ever so petal soft,
A heavenly bloom, she did shine.

The sun, the ever magnificent,
He stood so very high, smiling.
He held his power, in his eyes,
Burning brilliant flames of light,
Warmth spreading, each new day.

The darkest of the rain clouds,
One fine eve, they did hide the sun,
Shedding no light, not any warmth.
And from the shining cozy abode,
Peek in, did the moon, so early.

The sun held his head high,
Proud and smug, he stood mighty.
The moon looked at him, twinkling eyes.
Wanting to be looked upon in awe,
They both tried to show off their glow.

The moon, she bowed to the sun,
Sleek glances, ever so soft, smiling.
A demand , stark, she put forth,
Asking for her light, to be shone,
All day through, not just at night.

The sun looked at her, eyes narrowed,
Contempt it exemplified, not grace.
" O' li'll one, how could you, demand of me,
such a deed, when all world knows it true,
I am the king, of the day! O' how could you?"

Moon winced, on hearing the note,
And she felt betrayed, by her love.
Cross at the sun, she decided to act,
And lo! She does eclipse the sun,
Coming in between the earth and the sun.

The haughty sun, he shivers in anger,
Fuming rage, to devour the tiny moon,
He moved away swift, a transition stark,
Sun takes his revenge, over the moon,
By having a lunar eclipse, blocking it, so crude!

The moon felt so shy, off the sudden,
For, she lost her face, no means to glow,
Sad to show, the remaining shine, to the earth.
And, she smiled, ever so faint, at her love,
The sun held her gaze, a gentle smile flashing,

He asked, " O' my moon, are you shy tonight?"

Artistic Canvas!

The darkest canvas, painted coal black,
Sprinkles of silvery droplets striking it,
Shining lustre it shed, in the ebony dark.
I held my brush, dipped in orange red,
Strokes of a morning dawn fresh, blooming.
The crinkled corners of the canvas shone,
In a brilliant astral morning glow, yellow tinges.
Strokes afresh touched the canvas, anew,
Tender strokes, of green hues and blue skies,
It fulfilled artistic fantasies of mine, so dear.
And, i held onto the canvas, reddish black dusk,
Setting in, merging with the pitch dark night.
I held the canvas in my hand, observing it keen,
Transitions stark, and yet, it lacked the glow,
The sparkling gleam of the eternal hue...

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