Thursday, 1 November 2007

Artistic Canvas!

The darkest canvas, painted coal black,
Sprinkles of silvery droplets striking it,
Shining lustre it shed, in the ebony dark.
I held my brush, dipped in orange red,
Strokes of a morning dawn fresh, blooming.
The crinkled corners of the canvas shone,
In a brilliant astral morning glow, yellow tinges.
Strokes afresh touched the canvas, anew,
Tender strokes, of green hues and blue skies,
It fulfilled artistic fantasies of mine, so dear.
And, i held onto the canvas, reddish black dusk,
Setting in, merging with the pitch dark night.
I held the canvas in my hand, observing it keen,
Transitions stark, and yet, it lacked the glow,
The sparkling gleam of the eternal hue...


  1. felt like looking a beautiful piece of painting..thanks.

  2. Another stunner! The poem painted itself with the colours of words on the canvas of poesy...!




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