Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Early Morning Ramblings...

A collage of emotions,

How would that sound?
Early morn, just out of bed,
Strewing a dream together,
Parchments frayed in the slumber,
Threads missing, shady hues,
I try hard to collect them all,
And string them together,
A single frame, a single collage!

But I fail, miserably so,
To place myself in the maze,
Lost am I, in this haze?
Or is it, a simple race,
I wish to lose, all way through?
Morning ramblings, I try to tell myself,
Meaningless words, time wasted,
I walk off to make a mug of hot coffee.

Sipping the coffee, steam spreading warmth,
I sit down again, a second try,
To place myself, in my collage.
Yet, everything seems so clueless,
No connections, no sharp edges,
To join them up, no continuity,
And I sit and try, and try, again,
To finally dip away into a new dream,
A new fantasy, a new reality,
And try the same again, a new morn,
A new aim and some new ramblings to follow.


  1. life that is.. continue d try. nicely put..

  2. yes so nice sashu..was waiting for u to come bak n play wid words and u did it again so simply yet so truly.

    keep scribbling!

  3. so well said, sash... amazed at the intricate play of images and words here!




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