Saturday, 10 November 2007

My Love :)

Love is,
when you look into my eyes deep,
And slip away into the depths.
when you hold my hands in yours,
And squeeze them ever so gentle.
when you kiss the tip of my nose,
And tell me I taste real good.
when you bite my nails for me,
And say you love me so very dear.
when you pinch me ever so slight,
And not let my attention waver away.
when you smile into me, eyes twinkling,
And say you could never be more happy.
when you wink at me, amidst the crowds,
And make my knees go wobbly weak.
when you protect my vulnerable self,
And say i could never be more pretty.
when your eyes go wet, in anguish,
And you try to smile, waving a bye.
when you think about, just me, all journey,
And long for being together, again.
when you are with me, in me, all over me,
And you wish never ever to leave :)

1 comment:

  1. :) mmmm, and mmmm.....:)
    lovely...and so true!




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