Sunday, 11 November 2007

Virgin Earth

Dreamy clouds of a brilliant white,
Crowding in, ah! a delightful sight.
All above the lush earthen lands,
They line away, a blanket soft,
Tender touches, cooling warmth,
Smoothest cloaks, of love and care!

The earth stood in all her glory,
Beauty of a young bride in view,
She held her green drapes close,
Bejeweled in blossoms so colorful.
With nights basked in ebony black,
A virgin bride, blooming with life!

The many daybreaks she witnessed,
In the long run, a transition stark,
Virginity bequeathed, she languished
Pawed by cruel hands, wounds gawk
Ripping her off existence, losing it all,
Vanishing safety blanket - ozone lost!

1 comment:

  1. first of all tell me frm where do u get such wonderful ideas to write on so wonderful topics..."VIRGIN EARTH"....gr8 topic....the words used are apt...i really enjoy reading ur poems...seems i have a frnd whose going to to be gr8 poetess in future




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