Thursday, 1 November 2007

Is The Moon Shy?

The night queen, the moon so bright,
She looked, so very white, radiant.
Shining like the many ocean pearls,
An astral glow, ever so petal soft,
A heavenly bloom, she did shine.

The sun, the ever magnificent,
He stood so very high, smiling.
He held his power, in his eyes,
Burning brilliant flames of light,
Warmth spreading, each new day.

The darkest of the rain clouds,
One fine eve, they did hide the sun,
Shedding no light, not any warmth.
And from the shining cozy abode,
Peek in, did the moon, so early.

The sun held his head high,
Proud and smug, he stood mighty.
The moon looked at him, twinkling eyes.
Wanting to be looked upon in awe,
They both tried to show off their glow.

The moon, she bowed to the sun,
Sleek glances, ever so soft, smiling.
A demand , stark, she put forth,
Asking for her light, to be shone,
All day through, not just at night.

The sun looked at her, eyes narrowed,
Contempt it exemplified, not grace.
" O' li'll one, how could you, demand of me,
such a deed, when all world knows it true,
I am the king, of the day! O' how could you?"

Moon winced, on hearing the note,
And she felt betrayed, by her love.
Cross at the sun, she decided to act,
And lo! She does eclipse the sun,
Coming in between the earth and the sun.

The haughty sun, he shivers in anger,
Fuming rage, to devour the tiny moon,
He moved away swift, a transition stark,
Sun takes his revenge, over the moon,
By having a lunar eclipse, blocking it, so crude!

The moon felt so shy, off the sudden,
For, she lost her face, no means to glow,
Sad to show, the remaining shine, to the earth.
And, she smiled, ever so faint, at her love,
The sun held her gaze, a gentle smile flashing,

He asked, " O' my moon, are you shy tonight?"


  1. d similes..d night queeen,lil one, king of d day.... awesome.. loved it..
    "how could u", write so well.. thanks a lot..:-)

  2. well sujichetta someone touched her to twinkle...and twinkle touchingly she did...sashu...claps..claps :-)

    {the moon mulls: oh!!!..could have been mellower!!!...shy i was but somewhat shocked too reading abt my shyness!!!}




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