Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dollop of Dreams

Gathered a dollop of your dreams
I did, without letting you know-
Not that you'd notice.
In the crowded lane of life's worth
I always adorned a tainted shade
Merging in, with the backdrop
Of a blemished sepia tone.

The dreams splurged in glee
Rooting for you,
And ever so gentle, I fondled
The woollen softness, of you.
Never did you notice your pensieve light
And those bubbling effervescences
Mattered not.

I whispered to the wingless dreams
To float and glide.
And breath in, I did
My futile love song-
In faith that you'd be kept safe,
And knowing it true,
You'd never even notice it so.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Those Birds...

As the drops of heaven
In moist splendour,
Off her sensous lips curved,

He felt those birds fly off,

The dimness of the night
Betrayed nothing of him
As he whispered to the calm
The downtroddn melody
Of a hallucination-

Damn those birds,
He muttered.

Blinded by the lightening flash
of her smile,
He nudged in, closer.
Her lips drew him in,
surrendering to the feel
of passion.

Those birds! Ouch! Let go Let go,
He cried out.

Dribbled fresh, her blood fresh.
Her eyes wide in shocked horror,
And she moved away.
He held her wrist tight,
Pulling her into an embrace.

Those birds again, he yelped in agony,
And he writhed, in seizured pain.

Pulling herself up, she moved out
Far and away-
Turning back no more.
As he succumbed to the attack
Of those birds,

The birds of guilt,
Of fear,
Of himself,

The other her.

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