Thursday, 7 May 2009

Dollop of Dreams

Gathered a dollop of your dreams
I did, without letting you know-
Not that you'd notice.
In the crowded lane of life's worth
I always adorned a tainted shade
Merging in, with the backdrop
Of a blemished sepia tone.

The dreams splurged in glee
Rooting for you,
And ever so gentle, I fondled
The woollen softness, of you.
Never did you notice your pensieve light
And those bubbling effervescences
Mattered not.

I whispered to the wingless dreams
To float and glide.
And breath in, I did
My futile love song-
In faith that you'd be kept safe,
And knowing it true,
You'd never even notice it so.


  1. This had everything :) A bit of you , a bit of him- A bit of your dreams!

    The silhouettes in the shadows of moving boat?
    The memories in the reflection of silent waters?

    The retrospect- the dream grows the belief of "WE" on you :)

  2. like i said before, but had to ay it again after reading this once more, beautiful, totally loved it!!!

  3. Oceans of fantasy... :)

    Beautiful composition!

    Peace. Have a nice day.

    I wasn't too regular on blogsville for a while. Trust things are fine at your end!



  4. :) Lovely! It has all of it, in lovely dollops - emotions, images, and ofcourse, poetry :)

  5. excellent one sashu..
    'blemished sepia tone' came in to my brain like those silent evening winds in the garden..making small waves that forming twisters in copper coloured earth filled with those old dry leaves and ending as a "leaf storm"...
    wishes and prayers..

  6. aayu : glad to hv ur comments here dear :)

    kartz : even i wuznt regular kinda..thanks a lot for droppin by, as alwz :)

    usha mema : thank youuu!!! :)

    MIP : reeli lovely to hv ya here!! :) thank you!

  7. Dollops of love, longing, faith and everything else that makes life!! :-)

    Simply Sashzz :)

  8. wow! u write brilliant!
    glad i dropped by! :)

    ur a keralite i think?

    thanks for droppin by my poems blog! :)
    m blogrollin n followin urs :)

  9. @rini
    thanks a bunch dearie :)

    yeah, a keralite indeed!! thanks for the comments!! :)




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