Friday, 26 June 2009

Silent Regret

The pinprick of that pain
Has left its trace.

I'd hoped, it would fade away
Unto the realm
Of a painless existence,
Adorned, in a backdrop
Of fresh hues
Of life.

But, I now know,
It'd never be.
Priceless nostalgia now asks its price
And scruples drench
In the ink of silent regrets.

Today, as I wipe away thy name,
From the tapestry of my life's worth,
I feel the bland taste
Churning my insides
And I twinge,
In a muted agony.

It matters not, that I am hurt.
All that matters now,
Is that, I never did matter to thee.

I wish I could smile, still -
For all those fond memories.
But tainted, it lies -
Like a bundle of unwoven dreams.


  1. Very expressive, painful. reaches out to the reader :)

    You always do that Sashu, God bless.

  2. I generally don't let poetry touch me. This one just wouldn't listen :)

  3. your words strikes my dipahram with a thud and strikes the heart

  4. Priceless nostalgia indeed comes with a price. Very touching :)

  5. thanks a bunch all f ya :)

  6. Smile, my dear one :)

    For you will always matter...

    No matter what!

    Heartfelt poem. I know.




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