Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Mystic Mist....

He held his hand out,
Into the open-
Infinity at a stretch,
And I felt my fingers tremble,
In anticipation, stark!

His long fingers, shook a little,
A wave, a call-
Beckoned in the slightest,
Ecstatic sighs erupted,
Goose flesh-
Ran itself all over!

The night sky shone,
The stars guided us,
Every step, measured out,
I walked over-
The breeze breathing in me!

He held out his hands,
Offering me a grip,
And I held out mine,
For him-
To cloak in his warmth,
And never let go!

And just as our hands touched,
And our souls grazed,
We locked eyes,
Ever intense-
As the stars played the harp,
And the skies erupted into flames!

The breeze played on,
The notes of a ballad soft,
And the night turned ours,
And we walked on, hand in hand,
Leaving behind a trail of shining mystic mist...!

Friday, 22 February 2008


Overtures of ecstasy,
I reign in the bliss,
Basking in the depth,
Raining the passion...

A gentle touch of fate,
Skimming in pleasure,
Blessed by the destiny,
I soak in all the love...

Incredulity strikes at me,
A random toss, of life,
A moment of stark joy,
And a lifetime, lived...

Criss crosses in the li'll black book,
Every single smile, and tear, recorded,
In blacks and whites, but no greys,
Waiting to be read, out, aloud...

As everything seems to flow in sync,
And every emotion so very smooth,
I stretch back, a silent escape,
Into the realm of dreams...

Brilliant flashes, of desire,
Adorned by the flames of love,
I shed a drop of my love, a tear,
As I trod on, blessed, marveling , in sheer mirth...

Thursday, 21 February 2008


A gentle breeze,
It blows on,
And, I hold on, hard.

I weave myself,
Onto you, an embrace.

But alas!
You leave my nest,
And sway away.

And I find myself,

Naked, and cold.

And then,
I lose myself,
A dried sprig, I remain.

Petals lost,

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The big leap...

I wonder,
In my silence-

Does speech choke myself?

I sit back,
Lazily, in my den-

Mulling over the bygones.

I feel, once a while,
Rejuvenated, as a dream-

And I pinch myself awake, hurting.

I look out, into the open,
Wishing for, hoping for-

And every single time, I slip into oblivion.

I sit up, wide awake,
Sweat dripping, my heart hammering-

I find the darkness occluding me, its vixen grip.

Wonder out,
Aloud, I try to,
In anticipation, maybe in sheer despair-

Would things ever be the same, or would it change?

I shake myself up,
Forcing myself, to wander; a stroll-

And I climb up the stairs, walking on, and then-

A leap, down into the halcyon depths,
Into the vast expanse,
Winged, yet bound fast-

Maybe, my wings have already charred,
Ashes blowing off, as I find my big leap,
A leap- across, forever!

And then, no silence hurts,
No lingering longing prevails,
No darkness blurs my vision-

And I soar,
Static mundane thoughts shed,
I take the big leap-

Into me,
The layers shed, shamelessly,

Leaping into the goblet of uncertainty-

Nothing could be more certain,
Than the need,
The urge,

Let go.

To let go-

In sheer abandon.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008

CrOak!! cRoAk!!

Croak croak croak!
The froggie tried a mock,
The pretty girl in her smock,
She jumped across the rock,
And lo! They fell into a lip-lock!!!!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sinking in, deep...

I shout out loud-
Over the waves floating across-
Into the eternity...

A splash, yours-
I hear,
A gentle explosion,
In the oceanic depths...

On a log of wood,
I find, you.
Buoyant, you move on,
Waiting for my desperate arm...

Plunging deep,
I go in,
Drenching in the wavy embrace,
Spilling water, all over...

A dip ever fresh,
And breathless,
I rise, an implosion of life,
From the placid calm...

And then, off the blue, I see you,
Swimming in.
Foggy, the water obscuring my view,
I blink, to see you, nowhere...

Limbs go immobile,
As I breath in your scent,
And I surrender,
For, I know, you couldn't have left me...

The water turned salty,
Marine life grieving a lover's death,
And I sink in,
Deep, deep, and deep, over to you...

Sunday, 3 February 2008

My China Dish!

Porcelain china,
Adorned in flowery
Midnight green, a color.
I held it in my hands,
Firm a clasp, well bound.


Tiny pieces allover,
Countless chunks,
Some sharp edges,
Cutting in deep,
Spots of blood, dripping.


Eerie silence uncomfortable,
Another means to croon,
To the tunes of human vice,
China broken, shattered.


What different fate could it be,
Ours, when stumbled upon,
By the dark creepy Grey shades?
Ah! pity! Even my china stood no chance.

Forget me!

Sand castles!!!!

Sand castles in the air,
I did build, once,
What seems like eons away,
With you, hand in hand,
Dreamy desires, brilliant joy,
Together we nurtured,
Hopes, aspiration, dreams, life...

Today, as I gaze,
Across the horizons, at bay,
Crimson dusk, adding its blush,
A drop of reddish gold,
Shades of a dream lost,
I searched, once again,
Finding its beauty, blooming fresh...

Stabs of hurt, buried deep,
Over a lost charm, a lost vision,
Fills me up so deep;
Yet, I move on, feeling laden.
And I turn back,
Walking towards the sea,
The horizon calling me over...

And my eyes struck gold,
I find my dream castle stark,
Firm and fresh, it stood tall.
I look over, into the dusk,
Rich and grand, arms open wide,
She invites me, into an embrace,
Pristine love, echoing...

My soul's hurt, appeased,
I walk in, straight into her,
In silent salvation, of a youth rekindled...

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Soul's Solace...

I could hear the sound of the gale, pouring out,

Brushing past me, ever so chill; enveloping me,
In its embrace, leaving me numb, frozen.

Staring across the horizons, eternity at a lull,
I step back, a retreat, from the dear faces many,
Looking on, at me, silent; a river of pain, subdued.

The clock struck a gong, and then some more.
I looked at the man, next to me, trembling lips,
Forcing itself to stay together, and not to quiver.

His hands fidgeting around, knuckles cracked,
He sat, barely cloaked; the chilly breeze blowing on,
His body shivered; could it be a chill, or more than that?

I watched over, intent; his eyes bared open the world,
And I could see the oil burn, burn away, in despair.
His gaze shifting, he looked at me; his eyes pleading.

I held on to the window bars, criss crosses many,
Fingers clasped, ever so tight, I stood, hurting myself,
Yet oblivious to my pain, I stood; staggering.

He sat calm, a forced calm; waiting for the result,
The one little note, that could change his life,
From today, to no tomorrow, but just eternity's death.

I watched my colleague performing the test,
The fingers moving fast, blood and blotting strips,
Time in a race, and the verifications done.

I sat back, gasping for breath, tears stinging my eyes,
I could find the many dear faces, peering on, at me, anxious,
And I could feel my heart hammering against my soul.

I looked on keen, at the man beside, praying hard;
Desperation flowing out, acceptance of the worse,
Written all over him; the lone strand of existence, thinning.

My heart did bleed, as I held onto the million pieces,
Of my soul, from falling apart, held by a mere thin twine of hope.
I couldn't cry out loud, yet my soul bled, in deep anguish.

The reports had come;the man trembled in his chair,
Rocking to and froth, in fear stark; and I walked over,
And held his hands, in mine; together, we waited in pain

He looked over at me, tears pouring down his face,
I held his hand firm, as our tears mingled in unison.
Never, did I fathom, my heart could pray, so very hard.

Forcing myself hard, not to tremble, not to panic,
I prayed on hard, for the man, I just met mere hours ago.
Calling upon every minuscule atom of power, I prayed.

As he held the envelope in his hands, quivering hard,
My soul bled, and I could feel myself shrink away, in sheer fear,
Closed eyes, I chanted "save him, o' lord, just spare him."

Never did I know, I could pray so hard, and with all my life,
Never did I know my faith could be this strong, as I prayed on,
For the life of the man next to me, I could forfeit my future joys.

Opening the report, he nudged me, to read it out,
Fear possessed my senses, limbs fluid, vision blurred,
My lips trembled as I read out loud to him "HIV negative".

His hands gave mine a squeeze, and then it fell limp,
Onto my lap; tears befell, from his eyes, as he looked at me,
Intermingled with joy, he wept, relief showing all hues.

Thanking me, he walked away, into his life, a new birth.
Counting blessings I stood, tears running across my cheeks,
As I looked out into the open; the stars, relighting my life's lamp.

He walked away, unknown of the fact, his future held mine,
For I had been shot, with his same needle, an accidental swerve.
Looking at the heavens above, blissfully, I stood, holding onto my eternity.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Counting Avocados.

The fleshy ripe ones.

I'd devour, in all its flavour.

A hue of golden brown,
Crisp yet soft,

Soaked in oil,
Olives fragrant.

I'd take in, aroma brilliant.

Sitting back, beyond the iron bars,
My hands long to reach forth,
To pull down the shades, just once.

Counting avocados, I sit back,
Fragrance welling in me,
I sit back.

Counting avocados, greenish ones,
Brown ones, golden ones,
I sit back.

Counting avocados, I sit back,
Waiting at the den,
For my time.

Frivolous thoughts, eh?
Don't raise eyebrows, no, no.
I don't want a frown, I don't need a smile.

Avocados or berries, plums or cherries,
All I can do is dream,
Savour the dreams,
Picture the scenes,
As I sit back,

Don't tell me you do care,
For, I, myself, ceased to.

For now, all I care is of avocados delightful.

Step back, ponder a bit, into yourself,
Before you term me insane,
And skip pages,

Miracle !!!

Shrieks and shrills,
Pierced my ears,
Senses vacuum,
I tried hard to cope up.

The breathless screams,
Shattering my calm,
The many loud moans,
Terrifying pain echoing.

I stood, helpless,
Observing in sheer horror,
The women, half naked,
Aching, labour thrusts.

Tears rolled down the faces,
Desperation at a hilt,
The joy of nine months,
And the moments of hell.

I felt dumbstruck,
My limbs turn to liquid,
As I forced myself out,
To the calls, a many.

"Quick! Move onto table 4,
This one is just 2-4cm dilated.
First stage labour, keep moving;
Now, hurry on" The voice boomed.

One last look, at the hapless face,
Thrusting and aching,
Tears rolling down,
Isolated, she lay, ignored.

"Dilation of 10 in here,
Rush over " And I raced over.
Second stage of labour;
The screams ear shattering.

Puffing and heaving, she did thrust,
Out-with-it, I-cant-bear-more,
Her eyes seem to plead,
Thrusting with all her might.

And then, popped out, a little head,
Jet black hair, bathed in blood.
From the womb ever so cozy,
Out! Out into the world, in all glory!

Gasping and breathless,
She pushed harder,
Every inch of her soul,
Pouring out. And, a cry erupts!

As I held onto the little one,
Drenched in pools of blood,
The very first touch, ever so new,
I felt my heart give a soar.

The content face, dripping sweat,
Beaten and disheveled, smiling faint,
Watching her little one, in awe,
She slipped into sleep, a trauma endured.

Ever so gentle, the final link,
Of flesh, cut; I looked down.
Sleeping sound, he lay in my arms,
As I washed away the blood.

Placing the little one, bathed anew,
Next to his momma dear.
sleeping in calm, I watched on, in silence,
My soul crying out, in sheer bliss.

As I turned back, to the next table,
Beads of sweat breaking in,
I felt blessed, forever so,
Witnessing the blooming of love.

No magic, no miracle,
Could ever top the one,
I held in my arms,
Mere seconds ago.

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