Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sand castles!!!!

Sand castles in the air,
I did build, once,
What seems like eons away,
With you, hand in hand,
Dreamy desires, brilliant joy,
Together we nurtured,
Hopes, aspiration, dreams, life...

Today, as I gaze,
Across the horizons, at bay,
Crimson dusk, adding its blush,
A drop of reddish gold,
Shades of a dream lost,
I searched, once again,
Finding its beauty, blooming fresh...

Stabs of hurt, buried deep,
Over a lost charm, a lost vision,
Fills me up so deep;
Yet, I move on, feeling laden.
And I turn back,
Walking towards the sea,
The horizon calling me over...

And my eyes struck gold,
I find my dream castle stark,
Firm and fresh, it stood tall.
I look over, into the dusk,
Rich and grand, arms open wide,
She invites me, into an embrace,
Pristine love, echoing...

My soul's hurt, appeased,
I walk in, straight into her,
In silent salvation, of a youth rekindled...

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