Friday, 1 February 2008

Miracle !!!

Shrieks and shrills,
Pierced my ears,
Senses vacuum,
I tried hard to cope up.

The breathless screams,
Shattering my calm,
The many loud moans,
Terrifying pain echoing.

I stood, helpless,
Observing in sheer horror,
The women, half naked,
Aching, labour thrusts.

Tears rolled down the faces,
Desperation at a hilt,
The joy of nine months,
And the moments of hell.

I felt dumbstruck,
My limbs turn to liquid,
As I forced myself out,
To the calls, a many.

"Quick! Move onto table 4,
This one is just 2-4cm dilated.
First stage labour, keep moving;
Now, hurry on" The voice boomed.

One last look, at the hapless face,
Thrusting and aching,
Tears rolling down,
Isolated, she lay, ignored.

"Dilation of 10 in here,
Rush over " And I raced over.
Second stage of labour;
The screams ear shattering.

Puffing and heaving, she did thrust,
Out-with-it, I-cant-bear-more,
Her eyes seem to plead,
Thrusting with all her might.

And then, popped out, a little head,
Jet black hair, bathed in blood.
From the womb ever so cozy,
Out! Out into the world, in all glory!

Gasping and breathless,
She pushed harder,
Every inch of her soul,
Pouring out. And, a cry erupts!

As I held onto the little one,
Drenched in pools of blood,
The very first touch, ever so new,
I felt my heart give a soar.

The content face, dripping sweat,
Beaten and disheveled, smiling faint,
Watching her little one, in awe,
She slipped into sleep, a trauma endured.

Ever so gentle, the final link,
Of flesh, cut; I looked down.
Sleeping sound, he lay in my arms,
As I washed away the blood.

Placing the little one, bathed anew,
Next to his momma dear.
sleeping in calm, I watched on, in silence,
My soul crying out, in sheer bliss.

As I turned back, to the next table,
Beads of sweat breaking in,
I felt blessed, forever so,
Witnessing the blooming of love.

No magic, no miracle,
Could ever top the one,
I held in my arms,
Mere seconds ago.

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  1. Lovely, and yes, picture perfect too. You got all those nuances just right!! Lol, what a word, nunaces....hehehehe... and the pictures complement it really well!!




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