Saturday, 2 February 2008

Soul's Solace...

I could hear the sound of the gale, pouring out,

Brushing past me, ever so chill; enveloping me,
In its embrace, leaving me numb, frozen.

Staring across the horizons, eternity at a lull,
I step back, a retreat, from the dear faces many,
Looking on, at me, silent; a river of pain, subdued.

The clock struck a gong, and then some more.
I looked at the man, next to me, trembling lips,
Forcing itself to stay together, and not to quiver.

His hands fidgeting around, knuckles cracked,
He sat, barely cloaked; the chilly breeze blowing on,
His body shivered; could it be a chill, or more than that?

I watched over, intent; his eyes bared open the world,
And I could see the oil burn, burn away, in despair.
His gaze shifting, he looked at me; his eyes pleading.

I held on to the window bars, criss crosses many,
Fingers clasped, ever so tight, I stood, hurting myself,
Yet oblivious to my pain, I stood; staggering.

He sat calm, a forced calm; waiting for the result,
The one little note, that could change his life,
From today, to no tomorrow, but just eternity's death.

I watched my colleague performing the test,
The fingers moving fast, blood and blotting strips,
Time in a race, and the verifications done.

I sat back, gasping for breath, tears stinging my eyes,
I could find the many dear faces, peering on, at me, anxious,
And I could feel my heart hammering against my soul.

I looked on keen, at the man beside, praying hard;
Desperation flowing out, acceptance of the worse,
Written all over him; the lone strand of existence, thinning.

My heart did bleed, as I held onto the million pieces,
Of my soul, from falling apart, held by a mere thin twine of hope.
I couldn't cry out loud, yet my soul bled, in deep anguish.

The reports had come;the man trembled in his chair,
Rocking to and froth, in fear stark; and I walked over,
And held his hands, in mine; together, we waited in pain

He looked over at me, tears pouring down his face,
I held his hand firm, as our tears mingled in unison.
Never, did I fathom, my heart could pray, so very hard.

Forcing myself hard, not to tremble, not to panic,
I prayed on hard, for the man, I just met mere hours ago.
Calling upon every minuscule atom of power, I prayed.

As he held the envelope in his hands, quivering hard,
My soul bled, and I could feel myself shrink away, in sheer fear,
Closed eyes, I chanted "save him, o' lord, just spare him."

Never did I know, I could pray so hard, and with all my life,
Never did I know my faith could be this strong, as I prayed on,
For the life of the man next to me, I could forfeit my future joys.

Opening the report, he nudged me, to read it out,
Fear possessed my senses, limbs fluid, vision blurred,
My lips trembled as I read out loud to him "HIV negative".

His hands gave mine a squeeze, and then it fell limp,
Onto my lap; tears befell, from his eyes, as he looked at me,
Intermingled with joy, he wept, relief showing all hues.

Thanking me, he walked away, into his life, a new birth.
Counting blessings I stood, tears running across my cheeks,
As I looked out into the open; the stars, relighting my life's lamp.

He walked away, unknown of the fact, his future held mine,
For I had been shot, with his same needle, an accidental swerve.
Looking at the heavens above, blissfully, I stood, holding onto my eternity.

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