Thursday, 29 March 2007


little drops
of heavenly dew
i long to find you shine
within myself in forever glee
i long to have you
within my tender soul
i try hard to stay still
with my hands outstretched
all i long is for you to befall
a drop of mercy to raise me
from the deepest of my griefs
a fleeting joy even would do
for i find myself in thirst
i wish i could find solace in you
i wish i could have you shower
your tears of love all over me
all i need is manna from thee
manna...the heavenly blessing!

Sunday, 25 March 2007

would you... ever?

here i go,yet again,
into so deep a reverie.
and i wonder out aloud,
would words fail me ever?

i walk alone,
in the breeze so cool.
and i ask the sun,
would you go all dark ever?

pebbles;i pick up,
plop plop.
i hear them drop,
would you,lake,dry up ever?

scribbles of mine,
you do bear.
violating you,
dear paper,would you shrink away ever?

humming away,
tunes anew.
i get so stuck,
would you get unheard ever?

knock knock,
i call upon thee.
i have faith,yet i wonder,
would my prayers go unanswered ever??


Six little strings
Stretched so taut
On a platter so hard
A board with a soul...

I felt a joy so immense
Pounding in me,waiting to flow
Myriad notes of music
Welling in me,ready to gush forth...

I felt your touch so soft
I had my eyes so sealed
Faith abundant I had in you
And I knew symphonies were adue.

I felt a string strike note
And my heart gave a swell
Little fingers soothing my soul
Happiness; I tried to sing out loud...

Chords within strung afresh
I could envisage myself sway
New notes I'd never known
Flowing out of my tender umbra...

With each loving stroke
I found novel shades and hues
Within me, I realized parts of me
Newer tunes, newer notes...

The music shining through
A loving ballad, a melody so pure
My six old strings and me
So much more of bliss in your feel...

All I needed was a loving stroke,
A touch of brilliance and I realize,
There are unsung melodies in every string,
Waiting for the touch of time...the touch of love...

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Her hazel eyes...

"'t pull me so deep"
i wish to plead
as i lock eyes with her
i can feel her hazel eyes
probing deep into myself
i feel am being stripped
outta my mere existence..
i feel choked,short of breath
words fail me as never
a shiver chills me
and i know i need to run,
away from her gaze
but my limbs seem immobilised
all i can do is stare..
stare into her pretty eyes...

i can unravel within her eyes
oceans of an unknown kind
a thousand mysteries
caving paths so untrodden
a few so new and bright
a few still barren and dark..
i longed to tow myself
along the mystery land..
and i wish she'd lead me in
to help me aid her
in finding her true self...

now as i look back
i can see her eyes so deep
the gentle smile of hers
lingering on her pink petal lips
and i long to speak...
to tell her a million tales,
to show her a zillion dreams,
to feel her lovin touch,
to hold her close and smile,
to kiss her tears away,
to weave magic just for her...

but everytime i look
into her hazel eyes so deep
i lose myself..
i lose my words...
my longings..
for all i can think of,
is to sink deep down,
lose myself to her..
to melt away in her gaze...
to be the lingering smile of hers...

Rain my life...

true to this very day,
i wish to be a part
of a dream, a fantasy
wherein i can be a shade
a mirage for the nomad
a ray of hope for the lost
a loaf of bread for the famished
a cradle for the orphaned...

doom seems to be lurking
from places all unknown
and none knows where to look
for life is still a mystery
all we can do is try
and i wish you'd let me try
to fulfil my duty, to be me...

i wish to be a solace
to the many in deep despair
to be the earth for the living
to be the shade in the scorching sun
the lake for the thirsty self
the rain for the barren soul...

i wish i could rain myself away...
rain my life away...


am walking..

walking all alone
with no one to hold on to
a clear sky,no hail or rain
i wish life would have been
so much more melodramatic..
the skies shedding tears for me
the clouds darkening to a shade of dusk
the storm showing off its fury
the earth being shaken up in terror..
how i wish it'd be so
for now,as i walk on
no soul longs for my return
no being to hold me back,
to ask me to stop,beg me to come back...

and i long for some tears
i dread the lonely farewells
having had to say goodbye to none
except the four walls of my room
where i had been a dweller for long
i feel so bare,naked to my soul
and i wish to be warm..

am walking..
not knowing where to,
am still walking,
in search of being wanted..
a place which would welcome me
with smiles and tears
nostalgic memories revived,
i wanna be a part
of a melodramatic world,
where i'd be the hero
and the whole world'd look upon me...

and am walking...
still walking...
in a quest for being special...
still walking..walking till i tire...

Wednesday, 14 March 2007


oft i wonder why my heart still bleeds
why i feel so shaken up
why i cant but flash a smile..
when i do know that all i need,
is to let you out,
to see you lose your way,
to have you drop down at my feet...

Monday, 5 March 2007

Waiting for...

True to my word,
i am waiting,
for you to return...
each day i live on,
with your fondest memories,
the warm smile of yours,
the gentle touch of yours,
crazy jokes,
which often could make my day...
walking across the shores,
hand in hand,
matching each step...
the cuddling togethers,
the happy dinners together,
the silent embraces with your glance...
ah! heaven!
am still waiting,
for you to return to me,
for i know,
what we shared was not a game,
it was special,ever so much...
and i believe with all my soul
we are meant to be together,
someday for sure...
and i'll be waiting for you...


the white satin gown ever so glowing
with all the lace and frills anew
the drops of diamonds and rubies
shining across my neck so slender..

the white soft gloves over my hands
and the large bouquet of roses i hold,
the flimsy viel falling over my eyes
and my golden locks swaying with the breeze!

ah! as i walk down the aisle,
i have known no joy greater than now
to see my man in the finest suit
waiting for me,with a smile so fresh!

i can see the many smiling glances
with silent prayers and blessings,
to bestow upon the bride and groom
can't believe, its for him and me!

the flowers so fragrant filling the air
the red flowing carpet down the aisle
i cherish each step of mine i take forward
to stand beside the man of my life...

the holy joe conducting our best ceremony
the vows of love being taken in all glee
the blessings of our near and dear ones!
ah!i could capture this moment, till eternity!

now, as i see the love in his eyes,
the warmth in his touch so tender,
as we walk down the aisle as man and wife,
i know how it feels to be cinderella!


I saw you for the very first time
your smile so genuine
and i couldn't help but smile!

i saw you sway along in glee
with the gale ever so fresh
and i knew no prettier sight!

the graceful charm of yours
the tender soul so bright
beautiful!only this could describe you!

the reflections of yours
across the placid lake so pure
soothing the many souls like mine!

ah! as the rain drops fall
over your tender self
i cant help but worry for you..

for i can no longer see
your timeless reflection so dear
from across the ripples in the lake!

i can feel the weight hanging on
burdening your slender self, your petals so white
the brutal rains,hurting you,my dear one!

ah little lily! the gale lynches over you
the rain unleashes its fury on you are so beautiful..for you are you!

survival of the fittest...

the soul shattering cry so sharp
i felt it pierce
my soul so tender
and i couldn't dare
to open my eyes
for i feared to see
the gruesome plight,yet again...

the barren land emanating fumes of heat
i felt my flesh burn
no touch of green around
no water to quench my thirst...
walking along as if in a daze
i saw a sight
the one view i'd never forget..never...

i could see a movement in the desert dunes
i tried harder to focus
and i saw...
the terrifying sight,
a human corse and a vulture crowd
lynching over the dead in a greed unfathomable
flesh being ripped,thirst being quenched..

i felt my soul bleed
my vision blurr
for i couldn't apprehend
the ease of a soul being ripped apart
by the sharpest beaks so horrid
i felt for once the idiosyncrasy of life
for once the mighty is now being scoured..

As the essence of life fades away,
i realize its indeed the nature's way
to say its always the survival of the fittest!

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