Sunday, 25 March 2007


Six little strings
Stretched so taut
On a platter so hard
A board with a soul...

I felt a joy so immense
Pounding in me,waiting to flow
Myriad notes of music
Welling in me,ready to gush forth...

I felt your touch so soft
I had my eyes so sealed
Faith abundant I had in you
And I knew symphonies were adue.

I felt a string strike note
And my heart gave a swell
Little fingers soothing my soul
Happiness; I tried to sing out loud...

Chords within strung afresh
I could envisage myself sway
New notes I'd never known
Flowing out of my tender umbra...

With each loving stroke
I found novel shades and hues
Within me, I realized parts of me
Newer tunes, newer notes...

The music shining through
A loving ballad, a melody so pure
My six old strings and me
So much more of bliss in your feel...

All I needed was a loving stroke,
A touch of brilliance and I realize,
There are unsung melodies in every string,
Waiting for the touch of time...the touch of love...

1 comment:

  1. looks like its a marriage of a guitar and a soul!! :-)
    and a highly successful marriage indeed [:)]
    very beautiful!!!




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