Monday, 5 March 2007

survival of the fittest...

the soul shattering cry so sharp
i felt it pierce
my soul so tender
and i couldn't dare
to open my eyes
for i feared to see
the gruesome plight,yet again...

the barren land emanating fumes of heat
i felt my flesh burn
no touch of green around
no water to quench my thirst...
walking along as if in a daze
i saw a sight
the one view i'd never forget..never...

i could see a movement in the desert dunes
i tried harder to focus
and i saw...
the terrifying sight,
a human corse and a vulture crowd
lynching over the dead in a greed unfathomable
flesh being ripped,thirst being quenched..

i felt my soul bleed
my vision blurr
for i couldn't apprehend
the ease of a soul being ripped apart
by the sharpest beaks so horrid
i felt for once the idiosyncrasy of life
for once the mighty is now being scoured..

As the essence of life fades away,
i realize its indeed the nature's way
to say its always the survival of the fittest!

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