Sunday, 25 February 2007

for you,momma...

the sky so grey
and the winds raging on
i ran and ran
for i dint wanna stay

i wanted to reach safe
before the storm struck hard
the lightening blindening me
i just wanted to be safe

i dint stop to see the rains
clattering on the window panes
i tried to hold the mugs in my hands
close to my chest,away from the rains

for i dint want the water
to ruin the warm tea in the mugs
i held them in my hands so safe
for i had to deliver them good

i could see people in glee
rejoicing over a rain so fresh
i could see kids like me
dancing in all frenzy

and my li'll soul longed
to be one of them
and dance away to the tunes
of mother nature's spring cleansing..

but i had duties to do
to carry around the mugs
a penny for each one i sell
a penny for my momma dear

i could feel the rough hands
so bruised after her daily toil
the anguish in her eyes
the pain in her loving glance...

i cant stop despite the rains
for i have a mission to fulfill
i wanna sell these mugs of tea
i wanna help my momma dear

i wanna see her smile ...
a fleeting joy in her eyes
its worth my burning feet
worth all the fun i am missing today!


  1. Sash i have become ur fan......u pen down ur feelings so well....i was totally engrossed in the poem while going through it.....once again a poem full of feelings....

    way to go ahead dear.....

    looking forward for some more good poems frm my dearest poetess frnd...

  2. well dear... the blog is lookin good nw... well done... the theme of dis piece was really good... uve got the feel, uve got the ideas... but the execution cud do with a lil more... some words seem a lil outta place... u can easily better dis... keep em comin

  3. sash..i liked ur blog really a lot. good one.
    u write awesome.
    loved it dahlin
    keep writing..

  4. Hey Sashu Cuz..

    Getting lotsa fans? No wonder..You write well..
    Whether they are pure imagination or ... You write beautiful.

  5. I remember this one. Touching.




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