Thursday, 22 February 2007

Till death do us apart..

raining my soul away
i wanted this day
to go on and never end
for i had you,my godsent!

looking ahead into the times
i felt it is bleak,all burning flames
for i knew,its never gonna last
and you know it too,atlast..

days are few,a countdown so few
smiles are many,just time is due
tears maybe ready,waiting to fall
just hold me through,till i get through..

the gateway to heaven,here i am ready
to enter GOD's land and try to be steady
trying hard to calm myself down
accepting the fate i am destined upon..

i cant look into your eyes so dear
for i see a reflection of my own fear
of what lay ahead for you and me
emptiness for you,the unknown for me..

a land of smiles,a world of prayer
a garden of its own precious foyer
i hoped to be a part of it soon
from the hands of god,i see it all a boon..

as i close my eyes every night
i am filled with a pain so heartfelt
for how much ever i try to ignore
all i can see is your bleeding heart..

i realize i can never let go of you
i cant leave you to bleed for me
i cant lose myself to death i know
i can feel the tears toss down my cheeks...

and i wake up to kiss you sweet
careful not to let you feel my tears
for i know how hard you try to act oblivious
just for me; not to lemme see your tears..

my dear,i know it hard and true
i know you wanna hold me to you
and never let go,not even to heaven..
for you know that is where i long to belong..

i wish i could promise never to part
i know its hard for you and me
but i know time will heal your wounds
and you'll smile once again...

and i'll be there, i promise
i'll be there for you..
till death do us part..
till death do me part...

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