Sunday, 25 February 2007

death! you can take me now...

lurking in the darkest of darkest hours,
waiting for a chance to pounce upon
my soul so fresh and pure...

i could see the blood-shot eyes,
the coal black skin so smooth,
the nails so long and dagger-like,
the halloween mask to cover the face,
i had this mutilated image
before my eyes,since ages...

death! the vampire oozing out all life,
from the center of my being!

but now i see its all so fake,
for i feel so safe as i close my eyes.
i feel at peace,no vampire hands
lynching over myself and no pains,
no blood-shot eyes,no pitch darkness...

all i can envisage is a light so pure
and a love so sure,a call touching my soul
and now i know am gonna be safe...

death! you can take me now,
for,i know am gonna be safe in your arms...

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