Thursday, 22 February 2007

caged love..lemme go..

Life seems a mess,
I can go no more...

I feel so much so bruised,
My soul in deep anguish.

I long to break away,
From all the shackles of love.

I am gripped by your love
So strong; it hurts me so...

I wish you would lemme go,
Free me from the handcuffs.

I just wanna breathe free,
Walk around all alone..

You know, I will come back to you,
For, I have known, no love like yours.

But I want to live my life,
Without your grip of terror.

I know you want me to be with you,
But I want to heal my bleeding self.

I feel as though, your grip would kill,
As though you are choking me, into oblivion.

I can't go no more...words fail me...
I want to be more than your love.

I wanna live for myself once,
Wouldn't you let me live my life ???

I know you are in so much awe for me,
I promise, I'll come back to you..

But, just let me free, from this obsession,
Free me from this caged love...lemme go...

I wanna fly till I tire...
And then, I'll be back in your arms...


  1. i liked it, loved it infact... but i hope it's not a REAL WORK, also the last part "come back thingie", that was not needed acc to me

  2. This is such a soulful poem..the intensity of the psychic state of a lovers mind really touches the reader..a wonderful write,Sashu..kudos!!




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