Thursday, 22 February 2007

Dont look into my eyes..

dont look into my eyes..please dont..
i dont want you to see right through me
i know you can..for you know me so..
you can read all what is going on within..
for u know me inside out..inside out..

there were times i were so glad
i had a friend who knew me through and through
a soulmate who could read my mind
and weave wonders for me all the time
by just being there for me..anyday..anytime

but now i dont wanna let you know
whats in me..never wanna let you know
the pain i am living through
beneath all my smiles and laughs
i'm still hurting..bleeding for you..

and i dont want you to see through me
to know how much i'm hurt within
how much i wish to go back..
to be with you..once again..
even though i know its never gonne be so..

so dear..never look into my eyes..never
i can smile,i can laugh,with you
i can go on and on about anything,but us..
i can make you smile,even glad i can..
just dont look into my eyes..dont

so please dont look into my eyes
lemme bleed..lemme hurt..all alone
i dont want you to see through me
dont look into my
never look into my eyes..neva..neva..

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