Thursday, 22 February 2007

A lonely ray of light!

Dark was the night
darker yet was my soul
for,now barren to the core
i had no halo,no glee..

shiny eyes,so green and true
glaring from the pitch blackness
boring deep down into myself
i felt a prick,a fleeting terror..

the winds marred at my face
crashing with it the window panes
thundering through the rains
flashes of lightening burnt me..

rocking back on the easy chair,
i closed my eyes in sheer fear
and all i could see and feel
was the ice-cold stare of those eyes..

it moulted into my soul
i felt the load of all the grief
crashing upon me,hurting..
the despair lynching all over..

i looked up into the darkness
and i could see a tiny star
a ray of light so pure
and i could suddenly smile...

tears dropped down from my eyes
a gentle smile spread on my lips
and i realised in the dark
a lonely ray of light is all you really need...

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