Thursday, 22 February 2007

Lost in love...

I never knew I could be lost,
So lost, ever in my life.
Days go on, life moves on,
Only, I am, in some deep slumber.

Looking back upon my days,
So fresh and new, as ever,
I never knew, I could feel,
So much of a love, for him.

I have seen him in all hues,
All through smiles, and joys,
And to a river of tears-
I have seen it all.

Lying next to him in the shores,
I have known all the life,
The rainbow of feelings,
I could possibly ever know.

I wish to look back again,
On the very few times of mine,
When I would wake up, with a smile,
And a flicker of hope, to be with him.

Now days are at a stretch,
So dull and dark, like caving paths,
Smiles are forgotten, long lost,
Tears are dried up, welling to burst.

I have always wondered, who he was,
Without him, my days are like hell,
Nights seem to be endless deep pits,
Where I tread along, as if in a trance.

I know, its high time, to move on,
But each step of mine ahead
Brings into my mind his footprints
The prints of love so hard fixed

I oft wonder, why my smiles, are so short lived,
I wonder why, I lost him, to the world,
I wonder how, and why, he left this world,
I wonder how he felt to know, he is leaving me.

I cant close my eyes, ever,
For, I get glimpses of him, dying.
In pools of blood, he sees just one face-
Mine; in deep anguish, I know.

I know the pain he felt, was for me,
The pain, of leaving me astray.
He could never let go of my hand,
And now, he's gone away... away...

And my dear one, I wanna let you know,
I still have your hands in mine,
I still see the world through your eyes,
Where ever you be... you are in me... forever


  1. touching!! really really touching!!

  2. Hmmm... another one that is really moving. A special write.

  3. No journey could be complete without me returning to this one, one of my top ten poems of all time. Forever it has etched a place in my heart, and tears sweel up everytime I read this, and I am tempted every moment to come back and read it again. If this is love then it cannot be separated by a thousand deaths.




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