Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Gul mohar that Cried..

'Twas on that fateful summer night-
That the gul mohar tree cried.

I remember-

The evening sky touched her-
Gentle a touch,

I nibbled my pen,
Into a stump-
Rummaging for words,
That strain inside-
For release.

The words dangled in front of my eyes.
Yet, incoherent, the spaces-
Strings of alphabets,

My eyes closed, as I fell back,
Into a reverie-
A frown forming along my brow,
Beads of sweat breaking.


A blotch on my paper sheet,
I find the ink trace a dream-
A mirage,
The letters heeling a dance,
And taunting-
A lovely love,

'The leaves jiggled,
Adorning the crimson hue,
Of dusk.

The breeze rumbled a new melody,
As the rustles grew smooth-
And finally,
Died down-
As night embraced her,
Making love.'

The blotch dried up,
Yet, it left a mark-
The faded grey of night.

My eyes screened through the words
The critical mind, that love the errs,
And questions the flow.
Across ages, its been the same;
The eagle's eye-

'The silence felt ever so eerie,
As life slipped into slumber,
To be awaken
By that cry-

And as I heard it loud,
I knew-

The gul mohar had finally cried out.



A new blotch-
A droplet, that poured out of me-

For the gul mohar that cried bliss,
The crimson sky that effused love,
And the night halo that embraced life.

And, I cried-
For the live words,
Borne from my soul, once again.


  1. Just loved the way this unfolded, between the whispering, poignant leaves, the tender touch, the words that beckoned, and the bliss in finding them again!!

    Lovely poetry, really, and so lyrical this one!!!

  2. I was just blog hopping and came across your Nouveaute. your poems gave me goose bumps. there is something subtly enchanting in your play of words. i can't define it yet......

    you poetry is beautiful..continue to dream on :)

  3. very sensuous...some lines esp....would say one of my favourite among ur poems...:)

    nice to c u back agn

  4. thus is my favourite too!!! what a write...conveys so many beautiful emotions and images...just loved it!




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