Saturday, 14 June 2008

Is the sand slipping away?

Lofty! Thy steps on the threshold.
In mirth I find thee, desolate, I watch,
Thy footprints harsh, merging in.
Writhing in pain, eyes misty, myself.

Come, bury the pains, each tear shed,
Come, take me with thee, to thou abode...
Never did come, thee-
Dragged myself through the desert runes,
Mirages did torture, yet I held on,
Just to prove to thee-

I need no thee.

Tonight, I find the sand slipping away,
Once again.

And despite all the resentfulness,
I call upon thee,
For I need the power,
To mask my betrayed soul's pride-

And walk by thy shadow-
once again.

I find thy footprints, once again-
I follow thee.

Waiting for a chance,
To be out of deep peril-
To survive the guilt,
And bask in deep seated revulsion,
Against thee.

Yet, the footprints never fade away,
The sands never slip aways-
It simply merges,
With mine.

O' Why such forgiveness,
To the one who failed thee;
And still continues to fail thee,
Ah! Lofty thy steps, untraceable,
And I realize why-
Thy abode remains undefined.

And, I know-
The sand never did slip away.

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