Sunday, 8 June 2008

Cease Fire

The fireworks erupted,
From nowhere.
Brilliant flashes,
Of pompous colours-
Myriad emotions,
In one go-


The gentle entwining,
Of passion-
The touch,
That sent shivers
Across the spine,
The lips that hungered,
For that,
And this-

The dizzy magic bloomed.

Cease fire-

The senses called for-
And they let go-
Hunger in their eyes,
Shying away,
As the smiles blossomed,

1 comment:

  1. That said everything.
    Wonderful.You use very very few words.It cares the reader a lot .Space is the most important commodity,the most important element to be tamed in creativity .You know it pretty well.
    I liked the post.
    keep on writing.
    Thanx for the visit.
    Me have a new post.
    waiting for comments...




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