Thursday, 12 June 2008

Ah! Raining Bliss!!!

The toffee melt,
Dribbled across her shirt,
Once crisp and white,
Now turned a murky shade,
Traces of muddy reds,
And chocolate browns-
Ah! What a treat?

She trotted along,
Singing her new song-
"Keep to the footpath"
A voice chimed-
She turned back,
To see her nerdy bro,
Walking over, to her.

He gave her a look,
Stern and all-knowing-
"Eeyuckk, What a Mess?
Stay Away...!"

He muttered.

Making faces-
She danced along,
Thunder struck,
And lightening flashed!

She scurried over,
To him, in aid-
Held hands, he did,
Walking her over,
Safe and secure-
A brother's pride.

The rain clouds
Decided to dance-
And scattered all over
Droplets of joy.

Her teary face,
Shone bright-
Her toothless smile,
Merged with his-

They hopped,
From this puddle to that-
Splashing the water-
Drenching their senses,
In all innocence.

Racing home-
They arrived,
At the door steps.

"Oh-Oh... What a Messs? Urghhhh "
Murmured the sister in mock disgust,
Pointing over, to him-
Drenched and muddy,
Head to toe-
He stood,
The moment-
Ah! Raining Bliss!!!

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  1. Lovely.....very nostalgic.....god bless! :)




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