Thursday, 26 June 2008


The amaranthine sea be-calls me.

Yet, am no river
Streaming into your depth.

You and me-
We culminate,
In each other.

An estuary
I can't but find-
Can you?

Or, I'd rather ask-
Do we need to (find)?

Yet, I hear the murmurs
Of the sea-
The music of the lashing waves
Encompass my senses, Whole.

The symphony of the sea gull's touch
Takes my breath away-
A split second,
Of being Numb.

The coral stretch and the sandy shore-
I hear them all,
Calling out
Loud, into me.

I toss and turn-
An Insomniac .

The seashell roars,

And, I walk over to the sea,
One more time.
Breath racy,
I look out-

A trace,
A shadow
Far across-
A Ship.

(In vain.)

Mist sprinkled all over,
I hold back the disappointment.
My numb limbs carry me back-

To the restless me,

For You.


  1. Ahhh,Sash!You never fail to impress me with your expressiveness:):)

    The sea(I love the sea:):)) and its sounds have transported me to a dream world.Seriously!!!

    The reverie introduction is truly excellent.The sounds of the sea are simply breathtaking!!!The restless yearning to meet and be together, while staying far away...Restless,
    I toss and turn-
    An Insomniac...just wow and wow!

    Yet, there is a poignant touch to this write,especially in the last few lines.

    and girl,trust me, you have a way with enclosing words in parentheses....Simply love them:):)

    Awed and gaping I am, at this one!!!

  2. There is an English oldie song from Frank Sinatra:

    "Somewhere beyond the sea
    Somewhere waitin' for me
    My lover stands on golden sand
    And watches the ships that go sailin'"


    "We'll meet beyond the shore
    We'll kiss just as before
    Happy we'll be, beyond the sea
    And never again I'll go sailin'"

    Your poem just reminded me of this song. I can feel the emotion behind the write dear. Well expressed and heart wrenching- in a melancholic way!!


  3. :) Again.. deep empathy:)
    A beautiful poem, and more wondrous and beautiful yet, the emotions it holds!!!




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