Monday, 16 June 2008

Unshared :)

Held me, when I faltered,
And hugged me, when it mattered,
You did.

The times when we distanced,
Our ideas mauled, at loggerheads
We stood-
Furious, unrelenting.
You knew.
And, you did it every time-
Win me over.

The bruises of once,
Have healed with time-
Yet, the dampness of your tears,
Still ache in me.
For, I know-
The tears you shed,
Were to save up mine.

As I hear wishes and cards,
Gifts galore being shared,
I sit back

Would a day suffice,
To let you know,
How much you matter to me?
I believe a life-time falls short-
When I think of you, Dad.

No cards, no wishes,
From my side,
On this Father's Day.

Just my love and prayers-
As any other day.
And I know,
You won't ever read this note-
I never want you to.

I know-
You know.

You always have.

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